October 10, 2016

the barfing session begins

i am literally sleep deprived.

first, it was Dinara. she woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me that she barfed all over the bed.
then she was down with fever for two days before she slowly recovered.

Dayana was next. she also woke me up in the middle of the night to let me know she barfed all over my bathroom floor T____T. it was a miracle i didn't end up barfing myself as i hosed away all the mess.
she barfed again that night. and she came down with a fever that lasted 3 days because she refused to drink more water and when she did manage to swallow some food, she barfed it up all over again when she took her meds. sigh.

then it was Kakak Mini's turn. she told me she also barfed a couple of times in the middle of the night (is barfing a midnight thing or something..?). she doesn't believe in our conventional meds, choosing to go for the traditional urut badan instead. she deduces that badan masuk angin as the cause of everyone being sick.

luckily i was still up last night... it was 2am when i heard Emma coughing. i went to check on her only to find that she had barfed all over the floor -____- and just after i got her cleaned up, she pooped loose stools, so i had to clean her up for a second time @_@. i tried to get her to drink milk but she barfed all that up not too long afterwards, so i filled her bottle with water, of which i was relieved to see her finish.

bad luck for me she couldn't settle back to sleep properly so i was half-asleep half-awake the whole night trying to get her to la la land until before i knew it, it was time to wake up already, haiz.

so... we're having a barf party at our house, everyone! T___T

Pia? oh she's ok (for now) (touch 1000 available pieces of wood within reach), she only fell at the playground yesterday and scraped her knees. and spent a good hour howling about it too. hee~.

i'd like to think of it as the stomach flu, because all four of them ended up doing alot of vomiting, accompanied by a slight fever. the doctor i brought Dayana to see casually asked if she went to any rotavirus-infected areas recently.

hmmmm... that could be it. but my friend says that you'd also experience severe diarrhea if you had rotavirus, so i guess it's back to the stomach flu then?

anyways, here i am half asleep typing this entry. i hope the remaining family members don't fall sick, it's so energy consuming to care for a sick person! i should've just taken EL today, my brain is literally not working, sigh. my butt hurts for sitting too long, i have a slight sprain in my shoulders and my eyes are slowly going out of focus. errrr maybe it's a sign of literally ageing. haha.

so if anyone asks, tonight i will be sleeping right after take off. ta~!

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