May 12, 2014

mother's day 2014

last year i spent Mother's Day preparing myself for the birth of my third daughter.
this year, well... i'm spending the day with 3 kids, haha.

celebrated on the second Sunday in May in Malaysia

happy Mother's Day to all the mother's in the world.
and to the fathers who had to take on the role of the mother as well.

being a mom rocks.
them kids might turn your world upside down,
the end result is usually worth it.

so... here's my take on Mother's Day... from the elder two kids' perspective.


i told her to wish me a Happy Mother's Day.
you know what she did?
she said to me, 'Happy Birthday, Mommy!'
and then proceeded to sing the whole verse of the birthday song for me.

birthday pun birthday la, nak. lol.


she was pretending to be a fairy godmother and so she told me to make a wish.
i asked for a car.
(an image of a Mercedes was floating around in my brain).
she gave me this:


and Sophia...?

she's turning One tomorrow! yay!

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