August 3, 2013

the oxygen tank

a few months ago mil was having difficulties in breathing so the family thought an oxygen tank might be useful. so we started calling the nearby hospitals in case they happened to offer rental services.
apparently most hospitals don't have such service, but they were nice and gave us a couple of numbers to call that do happen to provide oxygen tank rental services. they deliver to your front door, with a service charge fee.

24-hour hotline: 03-33715005

deposit: rm300 (refundable upon returning the tank)
rental: rm300
delivery charge: rm80
refill: rm300

the only thing that you might need to take note if you choose to take on their service is that the tanks that they provide are the 2-metre tall kind, not the small portable ones that you might find elsewhere. since the tank alone is bloody heavy, they won't allow you to bring it upstairs unless you're prepared to pay in the event of any chipped marble staircase (for those living in double-storey homes, unless you have an elevator hidden somewhere).

we had an oxygen party yesterday before calling them to return the tank.

see how huge it is?
when the indicator reaches yellow, it's time to call for a refill
you need a trolley to cart out that humungous tong
right up to your front door

thought it might be useful just in case you happen to need this service one day in the future. taa~

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