July 24, 2013

destructable she

i didn't think that Dinara would be the aggressive type, but somehow the term 'handle with care' doesn't seem to jive with her when it comes to her toys. take the following photo for instance. i bought these figurines for the kids since they were so into princesses. Dinara's favorite is 'Lela'. and now look what has happened to her favorite lady:

a beheaded Cinderella

i am guessing the three of them got into a catfight over some supercharming prince which resulted in the beheading of poor Cinderella T___T.
i interrogated both Snow White and Aurora, both of them denying everything. such conspiracy, even between Disney princesses.

a month or so earlier i lined up all princesses together for a photo (you know, the ones police take when they want a victim to pick out a suspect?). guess who seemed to have lost a limb or two X___X.

spot the limbless T___T

i seriously think Aurora is the culprit because she was nowhere to be found when i took the above photo. bahahahahahah.

it ain't easy being a princess.

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