June 17, 2013

almost post-confinement

it's been awhile hasn't it? my so many things have happened from the moment i gave birth up until now - and still is - that i haven't had the proper time to create entries properly and on time.

first of all, my sleep cycle is still out of whack, it doesn't help that i married a nocturnal and its latest offspring seemed to have inherited that same trait... although the 'light sleeper' trait comes from my side, me thinks =P. Significant Other is still awaiting his license approval, so at the moment he's been planting tons of grapes in our backyard, that we have aplenty to make our own champagne. the junior hopefuls he met during his fruitful attempt at securing a cadetship with the big AA have been called up only to be smacked with a 350k loan; he on the other hand is awaiting hopefully better news now that he's graduated.

i miss langkawi. i do not miss the scorching sun, though.

anyway i guess this arrangement happened for a reason, because he currently has more important things to attend to at this point of time.

i've passed my one month of not-so-confinement period. two more months of not-so-holidaying to go =P

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