January 21, 2013

make me a princess

wasn't planned. Daddy wanted to get something for her and they were having a promo - if you buy rm80 above you'd get a makeover and a 4R photo for free. too bad we couldn't afford a whole freaking album, huhu. rm400+ seemed just abit over the top for about 10 - 12 photos. maybe next time, ok sweetie?

nevertheless, she enjoyed herself. she's a big girl now, can smile for the camera all by herself. especially the make up part. if given the chance she'd jahanamkan my whole make up set all on her own (which she and her sister did once, but luckily they only got hold of my blusher. she new exactly which part of her face to make up, unlike the younger one who assumed that her whole face was an open canvas for her to color on - too bad no photos -_-). it was a bit tricky to narrow down her photos to just one, so that's why we ended up with two (one photo cost rm30!!! @_@). wahhh buat duit la orang zaman skarang. chis.

adik wasn't around at the time. besides, i don't think she has the patience to look directly into the camera and smile for even just a few minutes.

Princess Dayana all dolled up
sigh... growing up so fast. she looks tembam, doesn't she? hehe

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Rozy said...

Amboih!! cantiknyaa Princess Dayana!