November 9, 2012

how we've been

look at what she's been up to. i didn't put her to it, she did it all on her own. hahahahahah. i've heard of pigs in a blanket. but kiddo in a basket? lolz.

i guess she found it amusing to sit in there. sebbaik tak terbalik
she calls her Daddy 'Dayiiii', will almost always say 'ok' agreeably even though she isn't really, can nod when she means yes (before this almost everything was a headshake), is really into Emo (elmo) mode ever since i put on Sesame Street reruns for her to see, still is a big fan of 'babi' (both of the dolls that she has have officially lost their outfits sighhhh), loves to 'hapai' (high-five), says 'gnite' when she wants to sleep, hmmmm she does her own thang mostly. and she can't be separated from her pacifier. sigh.

the other day i put my status on gtalk as rainbow. Significant Other asked me why. i told him it kept raining n pouring yet no sign of rainbows. so he sent me this pic via mms:

see? he told me he could make miracles
how is Dayana, you ask? she had her ihtifal recently, so she's been singing mostly to herself. she's really into jigsaw puzzles, but is so not into cleaning up after she's done with it. 39 pieces you.

a conversation i had with Dayana recently:

me: Dayana, where's your Little Mermaid? dah hilang. where is it?
Dayana: tak tauuuu. maybe Little Mermaid go holiday?
me: T____T

but true enough, i found the figurine hanging out in the backseat of my car. chis.

and me? i've been having a rough first trimester. i'm tired!!! i am literally eating my own words now. lesson learnt: never tell anything to anyone for fear it might turn and bite you on the ass.


Maneesa said...

welcome back! :)

Rozy said...

waahhhh lilly!!

i didn't know..erk?!! am I the only one yg tak tahu?cisss... hehehehhe

take care ya!